Why Should You Shop at Our Local Spot?

You'll love the cuts our experienced butcher serves up in Newtown, CT

Founded by Steven Ford over 13 years ago, Butcher's Best Market has been supplying exceptional cuts of locally sourced meat for years in Newtown, CT. However, our locally sourced meat isn't the only thing that makes us special. We also stand out from your regular butcher shop because our staff is highly-trained, and they know the ins and outs of different cuts of meat.

Whether you want a few pointers on the best ways to cook a ribeye, or you're asking for a specialty cut, we're ready to help you. Call 203-364-0013 now to reach out to our local shop.

Get to know our owner

Get to know our owner

When you stop by our butcher shop, you'll find our owner behind the counter. Steven Ford oversees our shop and serves as our permanent butcher. With over 50 years of experience, he knows how to ensure that every product in his shop is of the finest quality.

Stop by today if you have any questions for our butcher.