Want a Meaty Snack in Newtown, CT?

Try the incredible fresh jerky from our butcher

If you're tired of subpar meat from a big-box grocery store, give our butcher shop a try. Butcher's Best Market serves all-natural, fresh shellfish, meat and more in Newtown, CT. Want a snack on the go? We have fresh jerky made in-house. Looking for top-quality meat for dinner? Our house-made sausage and bacon don't contain any hormones or other additives. With our amazing selection, you'll find exactly what you want for your next meal.

Pick up some of our fresh jerky today to give it a try.

Providing all kinds of fresh cuts

Providing all kinds of fresh cuts

No matter what meal you’re planning, fresh, local meat should be part of it. You’ll find all kinds of amazing cuts in our case, including:

  • Smoked roasts
  • Certified Angus beef
  • Whole hogs and pork
  • Cured and smoked meats
  • Fresh shellfish and seafood
  • Store-made sausage and bacon
  • Select cuts of jerky from our butcher

Whether you’re looking for a butchered hog for a pig picking, or you’d like to grab fresh shellfish and steak for a surf-and-turf dinner, we’ve got the meat for you. Visit our butcher shop today to pick up your meat for dinner.