At Butcher’s Best, we serve a wide range of prepared dishes as well as hot and cold sandwiches for lunch and dinner. On any given weekday or weeknight, you’ll find BBQ ribs, sausage and peppers, lamb flatbread, Italian pulled beef, and the list goes on and on. Of course, all the food is made in-house and with all-natural meats and ingredients by our professional chef.

We also serve a variety of burger types, such as our Swiss and bacon burger with caramelized onions. You may be surprised that one unassuming item among these culinary treats remains a constant favorite: our classic burger, known as “The Natural.” This is a simple burger with lettuce, tomato, cheese (or not), and a pickle.

The Natural has been called the best burger in Newtown. What’s the secret to making the best burger in town? It starts with the Butcher’s Best philosophy of serving only the highest-quality all-natural ingredients.

Quality is the benchmark for everything that we do here, and that includes service to our customers. When it comes to our hamburgers, it means that we use the best cuts of beef from the most respected suppliers. The ground beef that we use in our burgers is made from the same beef we serve in our gourmet butcher shop. We use high-grade certified all-natural black Angus steak. The hamburger is ground fresh right here in the store using block trim. This means that we use the trim from gourmet cuts like strip steaks, ribeye, and sirloin.

This spring and summer, we’ll be grilling fresh burgers and hotdogs in front of our store every Saturday. Bring the family over and give the best burger in Newtown a try. Burgers are only $4.00, and hotdogs are only $3.00. We can offer such a great price because we grind all our hamburger meat fresh in-store.

Order The Natural or add bacon, caramelized onions, or a number of other delicious add-ons. And nothing complements a burger like a hotdog fresh off the grill, particularly on a summer afternoon. And if you’re looking for a great burger during the week, we have you covered. You can order The Natural, or a burger with the fixings that you like, any day of the week.

We apply the same quality standards when we source our hot dogs. We serve Zweigle’s hot dogs out of Rochester, NY. Zweigle’s has been in business for over 130 years serving the highest-quality meats using its old-world family recipe. Butcher’s Best chose Zweigle’s for its commitment to using only premium meats and ingredients. Unlike big brands, Zweigle’s does not use nitrates or fillers.

These days, it’s so easy to grab a package of hamburger meat and some factory-produced hot dogs from the grocery store. They’re cheap and convenient. The problem is that these types of mass-produced products are loaded with preservatives, growth hormones, steroids, fillers, dyes, and more. At Butcher’s Best, our entire philosophy is built on providing your family with the highest-quality foods that are completely natural. When you’re looking for the best burger in Newtown, you’ll find it right here. And you’ll feel good about what you’re eating.