At Butcher’s Best, we are uniquely positioned to provide an exceptional catering experience to the Newtown area and surrounding Fairfield, New Haven, and Litchfield County events. The first key to our success is that we have professional chefs in-house. Our chefs not only are skilled in preparing great-tasting food but also have years of catering-specific experience. This is important because cooking flavorful, consistent, well-executed meals for large crowds requires special knowledge of process, timing, and communication.

Catering Corner

Because we are a caterer within a retail food store, all of our products are regularly curated and controlled by our ownership and senior staff. Many other caterers are sourcing meats, produce, and other ingredients from a variety of evolving suppliers that provide foods they may not be familiar with. Our suppliers, on the other hand, have been hand chosen by our owner and staff. We have intimate knowledge of exactly what types of foods we receive. This includes the origin and quality of the product as well as how the product was raised or grown. And we’ve had strong relationships with our suppliers for years.

The quality of our food also sets us apart from other caterers. We hand choose high-grade beef and locally farmed Berkshire pork, for example. Our produce is locally farmed at a small organic farm in Sandy Hook. And all of our ingredients are natural and pure. Our meats are not raised with antibiotics, hormones, or steroids, and we use simple ingredients in our cooking, with nothing artificial and no unnatural preservatives.

Our quality meats, dairy, and produce are special and not often found in the traditional restaurant, deli, grocery store, or event hall. Fellow caterers actually source their foods from our store. Michael Bick of Some Things Fishy Catering in Bethel buys his meats from Butcher’s Best. He does so because he knows that the product is natural, extremely high quality, and always tastes great.

Because of our store-based operation, we can work in any event, large or small. We’re a team of trained professionals, and so we understand how to coordinate, plan, and communicate. Our scalability allows us to provide casual and formal events across Fairfield County, New Haven County, Litchfield County, and across CT and New York. So whether you have a small weekly office lunch, large corporate events, a wedding, or a family party, Butcher’s Best can accommodate you with natural, home-cooked food that will always make an impression on your guests.