Planning an event is a significant undertaking that requires time, effort, and money. For large events like weddings and corporate gatherings in Fairfield County, CT, the caterer is typically the second largest cost next to the venue. For smaller events like family gatherings and office meetings, the caterer will likely be your single most significant investment. For this reason alone, finding the right caterer is critical to ensuring that your money is spent wisely.


Finding a quality caterer will be one of the biggest challenges when you’re planning an event, particularly in towns farther from heavily populated lower Fairfield County. Towns like Newtown, Monroe, Bethel, Trumbull, and Southbury are not as flush with quality options. For these, and other towns close to Newtown, Butcher’s Best is a great find. We provide delicious food that’s also completely natural. And we use only high-quality meats, dairy, produce, and other ingredients.

The key to making the right choice when finding a caterer is knowing how to evaluate their potential. The bottom line is that you want great-tasting food from a professional organization. Following are a few tips on how to find the right option.

Any event, whether it’s a wedding, family reunion, or corporate gathering, starts at a specific time, and caterers need to be there early to set up. As a result, your caterer should be a professional with excellent time-management skills. Showing up late can ruin someone’s special day. You can evaluate the professional qualities of your candidates during the first interactions. Do they respond to your inquiry in a timely manner? Do they show up on time? These qualities are critical to ensuring that your event goes off without a hitch.

Responsiveness to Specific Wants and Needs
Every event is different. Good caterers will respond to varied tastes and dietary needs. They should accommodate virtually any menu and have the ability to provide options for guests who have dietary restrictions. A good caterer will suggest appealing alternatives for those sensitive to gluten and/or vegetarians. Look for a caterer that takes interest in these specifics. They should not only be agreeable, but also offer ideas along the way.

Ability to Handle Logistics
Events require coordination and communication. Caterers not only need to be on time to handle food setup, but they also need to have the appropriate staff in place to set up the space (if needed), serve, clear, and break down. Even the smallest event requires thoughtful planning and responsiveness.

Quality of the Food
With some caterers you may not know exactly where the food is coming from. Although a reputable caterer will be serving respectable ingredients, Butcher’s Best sets itself apart by providing high-grade beef, chicken, pork, and turkey. And all of the meats are prepared by our skilled butchers. In addition, all of our ingredients are completely natural: no antibiotics or hormones. So you’ll get local farm-raised, natural meats, dairy, and produce. And our chef has worked at some of the finest restaurants in the Northeast. So you know everything will taste great.