Sandwich lovers know that when you put food between two slices of bread, it instantly becomes more appetizing. This is why it’s critical to have a good local deli nearby. Luckily, in Newtown, there’s Butcher’s Best. But how do delis make their sandwiches taste so good? It’s just not the same when you try to make them at home. Here are a few tips on making a great sandwich with your own two hands.

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It all starts with quality bread. Grocery store breads just don’t cut it. Preservatives and additives negatively affect the taste and texture. Real bread should consist of only a small handful of natural ingredients. Good sandwich bread can be purchased at bakeries, or you could try to make it yourself. At Butcher’s Best, we make our rolls available for our customers to take home loose. The bread is all natural and made locally. Take a couple of rolls home, along with some natural sliced meats, and you’re halfway there.

Avoid Getting Mushy
When you have delightfully moist sandwich filling, the bread can get soggy. To help avoid messy sandwiches at home, spread condiments like mayo and/or mustard to the edges of the bread. This will help create a seal to keep the bread dry. If you’re making a sandwich in the morning to eat at work, pack wet items, like tomato and pickles, in a baggie and add them just before you eat.

Experiment With Condiments
We’ve all got mayo in the fridge. Instead of falling back on this staple, switch it up by trying a new spread. Garlic and other kinds of flavored mayonnaise can help make an immediate and tasty impact. If you like spice, try sriracha or Tabasco. And go online for simple condiment recipes such as dill mustard, pineapple salsa, red onion marmalade, and olive relish. Recipes for these and more toppings can be found here at the Food Network.

Texture and temperature contrasts make any meal more appealing. Unique deli sandwiches use toppings to add crunch. Contrast can also be accomplished by adding cool ingredients to a hot sandwich. Bacon is an excellent way to add crunch — and it doesn’t hurt the flavor profile, either. To get bold, try fried onions or shallots, croutons, fried provolone, or potato chips. For a more heart-healthy crunch, try bean sprouts, julienned carrots, cucumber, or banana peppers. If you like the idea of a sandwich that combines hot and cold ingredients, try a Cuban sandwich, with hot pork, melted cheese, and cold pickles. You can also use cold meats and toast the bread.

Natural, High-Quality Sandwich Meats
The king of any deli sandwich is the meat. So why not use meats that are natural when making a sandwich at home? They can be hard to come by, but if you live in or around Fairfield County near Newtown, CT there’s Butcher’s Best. All of our meats come from small, trusted farms, some of which are local to Newtown. The quality of the meat is extremely high, and all the meats in our deli and gourmet butcher shop are all natural. This means no hormones, antibiotics, steroids, or unnatural preservatives. In addition to our specialty deli sandwiches and hot prepared meals, we also provide turkey, ham, and roast beef by the pound. So you can take it home and create your own masterpiece.

We often spend time looking for dinner and dessert recipes. Why not take a little extra time to plan out a really good sandwich? You may be surprised at how good it comes out.