Many of us are looking for more convenient dinner and lunch options. As a result we seek out foods that we can grab to go. Most grocery stores are aware of this, and they’re offering a larger selection of prepared foods in their deli cases. Large brands are also keen to the idea, which is why we’re seeing more heat and eat type meals on the shelves.


The packaged foods, like fully cooked pulled pork in a bag, are certainly convenient, but they often come with big downsides. Most of these foods are loaded with unnatural ingredients, preservatives, and processed meats with hormones, and antibiotics.

The deli prepared foods are often just as bad as the packaged foods on grocery store shelves. Deli cases are loaded with options that are presented as fresh. Just because they’re not in a package doesn’t mean they didn’t start out that way. Deli cases present food items like fried chicken strips, grilled chicken, and mashed potatoes with gravy, as store made. The reality is that most of these foods are made in large batches in a factory. And many come to the store frozen ahead of time.

Unnatural Ingredients
The freshness issue with grocery store prepared foods is only the beginning. Even more important are the ingredients and the processing. Just like packaged foods, deli offerings are loaded with processed ingredients, preservatives and artificial flavors and colors. Food processing strips nutrients and pumps in fillers, dies, sugars, and massive amounts of sodium.

Food Labeling
Another problem with grocery store deli prepared foods has to do with labeling. Unfortunately customers don’t know what goes into these foods because the FDA does not require them to be labeled. This makes it a lot easier for the stores to continue to present their meals as fresh and homemade.

Butcher’s Best understands how frustrating it can be to find real, natural, fresh foods, particularly prepared foods. Just like everything else in our store, our prepared meals are actually made in our kitchen using only high quality, all natural ingredients. All of the meats used in these meals come from our very own gourmet butcher shop and contain no added hormones or steroids. The produce is local, and our skilled chef prepares each dinner and lunch dish in our kitchen. This unique offering is one of Fairfield County’s only options for convenient prepared foods that are also good for you.