When hosting an event, whether it’s a wedding, office party, or family reunion, one of your main goals will be to make it memorable for you and your guests. A good caterer with great food and service alone can help you stand out, but what else can you do to make an impression? Luckily, the Newtown, CT area is perfect for the below ideas. Here are a few creative ideas to make your next catering event stand out.

Allow Your Guests to Choose the Menu
What better way to ensure your guests are happy than to allow them to choose the food options at your next event? Consult with your caterer to determine how much lead them they’ll need and then email a questionnaire to all of your guests with several menu items to choose from. Have them vote on their favorite meals. You can serve the top picks and share the overall results with guests for fun.

In addition to getting your guests involved and doing something different, you’ll help ensure the catered food will be well received. Of course, you can include a dish or two that you really like as well.

Serve All-Natural Foods
Some caters buy ingredients, meats, and produce from large industrial factories. These foods are mass-produced and processed, making it cheaper and quicker for caterers to put out spreads for large groups. You should feel good about the food you serve your guests. Do so by catering a meal that’s all natural using only real, high-quality ingredients.

If you choose Butcher’s Best as your caterer, you’ll know that all ingredients served will be natural and of the highest quality. Let your guests know by including a menu on the table that lists the local farms where certain menu items originated. For example, Butcher’s Best gets its Berkshire pork from Rowland Farms in Oxford, CT. And it sources organic produce from Shortt’s Farm in Sandy Hook. Not only will the food taste great, but also you’ll feel good about serving all-natural foods to your guests.

Choose Foods Appropriate to a Unique Location
If you’ve chosen a unique location for your next office or family party, the space itself will help make it memorable. Take it one step further, however, by choosing menu items that complement the location. For example, Castle Hill Farms is a unique wedding and party venue in Newton, CT. Castle Hill is a retired dairy farm with a rustic chic setting. Complement the venue with serving locally raised beef and/or dairy products like artisan cheese from Arethusa Farms in Litchfield, CT.

Fair Theme Foods
If you’re throwing a rustic-chic wedding or party at a venue such as Castle Hill Farms in Newtown, CT, then why not get original and appeal to your guests’ nostalgic side?

Who doesn’t love fair food? Half the reason adults go to local fairs is for the food. Take the fair classics and elevate them. Talk to your caterer about making fried dough, but offer original toppings. Or ask your caterer to make barbecued roast beef sandwiches and wings, but use quality cuts of all-natural meats. And why not add a snow cone, cotton candy, and/or popcorn machine to really finish off the theme? The fair theme works for weddings but could help make a family reunion or office party unique.

Cocktail Bar
Every wedding, office party, and family party serves beer and wine, but what about mixing it up when it comes to libations? Specialty cocktails are very popular right now. Work with your caterer to bring in a mixologist to make unusual cocktails for your guests. You can even set up a separate small bar dedicated to drinks. A good mixologist is like a chef — they’re specially trained and skilled in using unique ingredients to make special, and delicious, cocktails.