At Butcher’s Best, we’ve set ourselves apart from the average caterer in the Newtown, CT area with our philosophy of selecting high-quality, all-natural ingredients and providing exceptional service. Over the past few years, we’ve catered for a variety of formal and informal business and personal events across Fairfield County, Litchfield County, and New Haven County. Recently, we provided catering for some fun events.

Outdoor weddings, parties, and gatherings seem to be something that our customers look to us for. One of the more memorable recent outdoor events was a farm-style wedding in Newtown, where the bride and groom spent several months reengineering the contours of their property to accommodate the wedding of their dreams. They excavated their land to accommodate a platform for the bride and groom. They also converted their shed into a bar. We were thrilled to provide catering services for such a great event, couple, and family.

There were about 120 people at the outdoor wedding in Newtown. We brought our large, professional outdoor grilling station and grilled natural cuts of high-quality meat and fish on-site. For the big day, we grilled fresh striped bass and coulotte steaks. The coulotte steak is a special cut of meat made by slicing the sirloin cap at a right angle to the grain. It’s a flavorful, tender piece of meat perfect for a special occasion. We also served a variety of passed hors d’oeuvres and provided a gourmet cheese and cracker spread.

Another recent event that we catered at was the Taste of Ridgefield. We served Asian-style pork cheek and BBQ braised beef shank that everyone raved about. We love being part of events that support community, and this was one of them. The Taste of Ridgefield has been running for 18 years and is the town’s premier food and wine event that benefits dozens of local organizations.

Other events that we’ve provided catering for recently revolve around the community of Newtown and surrounding Fairfield County towns. We served breakfast sandwiches for Newtown’s Earth Day celebration and catered the Sandy Hook Fire Department’s second annual bourbon tasting. For the tasting event, we served foods that pair well with bourbon, including mini kielbasa with potato cakes and ricotta ravioli with braised short rib ragout.

And let’s not forget about the parties. Last year, we provided catering for a 16th birthday party on a beautiful estate in Litchfield County as well as a college graduation party. For both of these events, we brought our special outdoor grill and grilled on-site.

We work very hard every day to set ourselves apart from the traditional catering experience, and it pays off. We receive a lot of gracious and positive feedback from our catering customers. Making our customers happy always comes down to the Butcher’s Best philosophy to serve only the highest-quality, all-natural foods using only real ingredients and to provide service that simply cannot be found elsewhere.

The application of our philosophy can be found in every aspect of our catering business. We hand-select our meats, dairy, and produce from the best suppliers locally and from small farms across the Northeast. Our catering menus are all planned and cooked in-house (or on-site) by our highly trained professional chefs. And our professional catering staff manages the entire program. They understand how to effectively schedule and communicate with customers.

High-quality ingredients lead to better-tasting food. And when the product is all-natural, it’s just that much better. This is why we say we serve “quality so good you can taste it.” When it comes to choosing a caterer, chances are that you’re considering two main criteria: great food and a professional, responsible staff. You’ll find them both at Butcher’s Best Catering in Newtown, CT.