At Butcher’s Best we’ve made it our mission to provide the highest-quality foods that contain only real, natural ingredients. Achieving this goal starts with choosing the right suppliers. We’ve selected our butcher shop meats, produce, and dairy from some of the most well-regarded farms throughout Fairfield and Litchfield County, CT. And all of those products go into our hot and cold deli foods. So why is it that buying and eating local food is so important? Let’s take a close look.

Local foods

Higher-Quality, Natural Meats and Produce
Local farms are typically small outfits doing things the way they used to be done. Like most small farms, our meat and dairy suppliers are raising pork, chicken, and beef ethically and naturally. This means the animals are not given antibiotics and/or growth hormones. And they are being raised in a humane manner. The end result is a better-tasting, healthier alternative that you can feel good about serving to your family.

Industrial farms are doing some very questionable things when it comes to how they treat produce. One of the most shocking is the latest GMO epidemic. Among other issues, GMO crops are being modified to survive the chemical Roundup (a known carcinogen). As a result, the nation’s produce is sprayed with a potentially hazardous chemical. Local farms are not using these types of practices, and the produce from Butcher’s Best comes directly from Shortt’s organic farm just down the road in Sandy Hook.

Supporting the Community
Buying from local farms helps support the community and families of area businesses. Many of the farms in the Newtown, CT area have been working on their land for generations. Without the small farms we would all be subject to the products of large corporate outfits. Furthermore, by supporting your local farmer you are engaging in the time-honored connection between grower and eater.

Environmental Impact
Most industrial-farmed produce and meats are processed and/or packaged in large warehouses several days before they show up on store shelves. After packaging they are placed into large trucks and shipped all across the country. This all leads to significant industrial pollution. This type of pollution, across all industries, accounts for over 50% of the pollution present in the United States. On the flip side, Butcher’s Best pork, for example, is not processed and comes from just down the road in Oxford, CT.

The benefits of buying local are real. When you make the effort you not only get a better-tasting, healthier product, but you also make an impact on the community. And buying local doesn’t have to be limited to food. Supporting any small businesses in your community is good for all of us. At Butcher’s Best we’re big fans of this concept.