We’ve all heard scary stories about industrial farming, and about how meats like chicken are raised and processed today. Many of us, however, are still looking the other way and just don’t want to know the details. These are the folks who have avoided the movie Food Inc. That’s understandable, and we’ll spare you the details, but it is important to know that chicken production in America is unsettling. There are alternatives, however, and they can be found locally, right here in Newtown, at Butcher’s Best.


The first thing to know when buying chicken is how packages are labeled. The majority of supermarket brands are now calling their chickens all-natural. This is misleading; it refers to how the USDA defines natural as a “product containing no artificial ingredient or added color and is only minimally processed.” This definition does not take into account how the bird is raised or fed. Furthermore, these labels typically promote the fact that their chickens are steroid and hormone free. This is not a defining credential, however, because the USDA and FDA strictly prohibit the use of steroids or hormones in chicken. What you don’t typically see is “antibiotic free.” That’s because they aren’t.

At Butcher’s Best we’ve worked very hard to identify farms and suppliers that can live up to the true meaning of natural. And of course this is the case with chicken from our butcher shop. In fact, we are one of the only stores in Newtown, CT, and the surrounding Fairfield County area, to provide high-quality, real, natural chicken. Our Springer Mountain Farms chickens are not only steroid and hormone free, but they are also antibiotic free, raised in a comfortable, humane manner and fed only the best, all-natural diet.

Our chickens earned the Safe Feed/Safe Food Certification by the American Feed Industry Association. The feed is 100% natural, pesticide-free corn and soybean with no animal by-products. All of the grain is grown in the United States and is tested extensively in a USDA-certified laboratory to ensure it remains free of pesticides, mold, and excess moisture. In addition, the testing ensures proper nutritional value to maintain high standards for protein, minerals, and amino acids.

Springer Mountain Farms takes their quality measures one step further by having their facilities, ingredients, and animal condition graded by USDA. The grading system is voluntary. Because Springer is so confident in the quality of their products, they request that the USDA grade them on a regular basis. They consistently receive the mark of USDA Grade A.

Finding a better chicken starts by seeking out alternatives to the grocery store. Luckily, there’s Butcher’s Best right here in Newtown. Whether you’re from Fairfield or Litchfield County, or anywhere in CT, when it comes to the food that you put into your body, it’s worth the ride here for high-quality, healthy, natural, real meats and foods for you and your family.