Many shoppers around Newtown, CT and surrounding Fairfield and Litchfield Counties don’t realize that everything that we sell at Butchers Best is natural. This means that all of our meats, all of our deli prepared foods and sandwiches, and all other foods contain no artificial ingredients, preservatives, growth hormones or antibiotics. Our meats, like our steaks chicken, and pork, are minimally, or not at all, processed. And our produce comes from local and organic farms that do not use industrial pesticides or unnatural growing processes.

Natural foods

At Butcher’s Best our food is “Real”. Real can be defined as food that is found in its natural, whole state. It has not been broken down and altered, or added to, otherwise known as processed. Real food is extremely important to our health. Our systems for digestion, absorption and metabolism have evolved to function at their peak when provided with foods that have been grown and eaten in their natural state. Foods are designed to deliver nutrition when they are in this condition. Processing disrupts the original composition of foods, and as a result the nutritional value suffers.

Grocery stores are filled with processed foods. One of the biggest offenders is the cold cut. Most processed cold cuts contain chemical preservatives, hormones, dyes, and fillers. Nitrates are one of the most potentially harmful preservatives. Research has indicated that nitrate is a potential cancer agent. Processed foods not only include added chemicals, and other harmful ingredients, but they can also strip nutrients from foods.

Most of today’s mass marketed dairy and meat products come from animals that are injected with growth hormones and fed antibiotics. Industrial farms raise and feed their animals using unsettling processes that would shock the average consumer. Small, local farms raise their animals in a healthy, drug-free environment. Since the public is becoming more aware of the harmful effects of these chemicals, corporate food manufacturers are starting to label their foods in deceitful ways. Some labels that say, “no growth hormones added” actually refer to the fact that they have not added hormones during processing. The reality is that during the life of the animal they have been given hormones, and likely have been fed a diet of grains and animal parts they are not able to digest properly.

As a civilization we seem to be becoming more aware of the significance of feeding ourselves properly. Right now it takes a bit more effort to do so because there aren’t as many natural food options. It also may cost a bit more to eat healthy. When you consider the benefits to your long-term health, however, many agree that it’s well worth it.